Farnborough Airshow 2012

Witnessing some of the world’s fastest and most agile aircraft from the front of the crowds was rather overwhelming. Not to mention, the crackling rumble as the F-18 flew by. It was the first time I had ever seen an A380 before and you don’t really understand how big it is till its about 30 metres infront of you. Farnborough 2013 definetly!


Sixty Years On

A day out with the family, but a rather late day out. To see the barriers ten metres away for the best seat in the house as the boats sail by means about 50 people infront of you. But that never stopped the ambiance of Britain soaring through as the flags flutter and crowds cheer.

Sending The Mini Flood

Watching the ripples as the drains overflow after a downpour is always a good photo opportunity. I’m still searching for that perfect snap of a landscape mirrored flawlessly by still water but till then this pixelly feel to this reflection will be the starting line.

Four Eyes


Looking up at the sun from a bug’s point of view never really striked my mind as something of interest, but it really made me wonder what do creepy crawlies think when they look upon their Earth…

Jo Jo The Sandy Elephant

Jo Jo the sandy elephant reminds me of my first family day trip to the Isle of Whight. I suppose reminiscing about fascinations of the kiddy days should never disappear, despite the lingering gloom of exams.

Ishaan, Our Sun

After a great day out at a taster course, I didn’t expect the Sun to seem so relaxed and gentle up in that blue sea. But its always astonishing to know that no matter how hard you try, she will always set and rise, just as a clock keeps ticking over. It really makes you wonder what tomorrow has in store doesn’t it.

Bring On The Cake!

Happy birthday Sis! Yeah I know its a couple of weeks late, but finding time for the blog during exam time is tough! Cependant, our lil family party was delightful and was there ever a better time to test out the flash gun? Again it’s all a learning curve, so any advice on indoor flash, or techniques you discovered and would like to share would be much appreciated. Keep snapping people!

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