Keep Calm and Carry On

Awaiting the time when a tripod will be a realistic investment never stopped anyone from mucking around with long exposures. It’s amazing how accidents are the bayonets of new discoveries. They really open up new possibilities and I’m so grateful for my stumble across long exposures.


Mother’s Day Blossom

I feel bad that today I reflected on all that my mum has done for me, when I should be appreciating her everyday. Thank you so much for all the love and support you give us. Where ever I end up in the future, my mum will always protect me.

Never too old for…

The classic story has always been in its own cohort. Good songs are criticized for being ‘old’, but as Peter Pan’s subscript says, a classic children’s story is like ‘boy who never grew up’. One can read them once, and smile, or dig deeper to understand that even simple plots and simple characters have the ability to enrich daily life.

Photographic Memory

More often than not, I wonder whether a true photographic memory would help when it comes to revision. Being able to take a picture of a page in a book and reproducing it in an exam seems like magic. So as nothing was retained in my brain through the conventional route of revision, maybe a quick snap might help. Worth a shot ay?

Drip Drip Drip Drip, Doopa Dee, Doo

Sometimes waking up to an unconfined snow globe is just what the doctor ordered to take your mind off the intense week ahead. Trying to capture something interesting today was tricky, especially as the snow is white…and the sky is…well white. But as the day progressed, a bead of ice plunged onto my hand, and melted away only to reveal a somewhat aftermath of snowfall. Looking into these delicate drips made me feel like I had taken a step back and gazed upon the world in which we live in. Beauty is often in the smallest of essences and often forgotten.

Round The Corner, Cambridge

Popped round the corner to explore the world’s most respected institution. The architecture was astounding…to think that with the right preparation, I could possibly study there! Apart from the scenic weather, the atmosphere was equally pleasant due to the general public. Never have I witnessed such bodies of intellect all huddle around the campus; absorbing each other’s facts and opinions, just as the brew was on hold in the local cafe.

Avyukta – The Crystal Clear

Baby Krishna…his gentle music and good deeds have captured the hearts of so many. Effortlessly he fills you with weightlessness and the memory of what it is to be ‘kid’. He cares for all before himself; from the bravest of ants, to the gentlest of deer. He reminds me that despite having bumps on the road ahead, we can always revert to mischief and waist-tearing laughter. So close your spreadsheets, and loosen your top buttons, for true appreciation of one’s environment originates through internal equilibrium.


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